Straight Talk Agreement

On the children`s map, there`s Straight Talk`s unlimited speech and text plan with 3GB of data. It`s ideal for your teen, who`s on the phone all the time, even if he should be doing his homework. I recently converted to Verizon`s Smart Talk because the plans are much cheaper. It seemed to work well, but after about a week, I realized I couldn`t send or receive messages or group texts. I called customer service to solve this problem. After about 5 hours on the phone, I can no longer send or receive TEX messages, no, I do not have internet access outside of WiFi, they are not able to solve any of my problems and tell me that my SIM card is probably bad and that I have to go buy a new one. So instead of replacing my SIM card and taking some responsibility in the service they provide, I have to go buy a new SIM and be left to activate it (Smart Talk will no longer have employees in the store to set up your phone or account or solve problems when they arrive) and try to make sure it works. Needless to say, I`m going back to Verizon, where the service is expensive, but at least it works and there are people who are physically there to help you. Never recommend someone to switch to Smart Talk, because if there`s a problem, you`ll be the customer service of Straight Talks yourself, well, not really talkin`. I`m not sure who will choose The Straight Talk customer service team, but they have to be fired with their entire set of collaborators. NO person I ever spoke to is understandable, it cost my friend nearly $60 this time and we got nothing because the lady we spoke to didn`t speak clearly all the time, so we just had to accept what she said was sure to do so far I have to wait for my SIM card to come in and maybe I`m losing business in the trial because I did No phone!!! Whoever did this must be grateful, she didn`t give her name and she was my friend, NOT me on the phone. You lose a customer as soon as this service expires. Thank you for all your, and I hope someone with a temperament will cross this woman`s path when she calls for help so she can tell her how stupid she looks when she talks and that she will never need to pick up a phone like I never did!!! ….

Straight Talk now offers 10 gigs of tethering with their unlimited data plan. We strongly advise you to contact Straight Talk before paying for unlocking services, as this will help you save money on a device you already own. You`ll find other wireless tips and tricks in the resource center. There was a time when “I lost my service” was a convenient excuse to miss your boss`s call.