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Florian Philippe


The power of brand-led transformations

I am Florian Philippe, a strategic brand marketing leader and entrepreneur with over eight years of international experience in brand positioning and activation. My career is defined by a unique ability to revitalize brands, innovate within existing company structures, and execute multi-functional strategies, transforming visionary ideas into tangible business results.

Problems solved

Comprehensive Brand Rejuvenation and Implementation

I specialize in revitalizing underperforming brands, delivering not just strategic insights but also overseeing the practical implementation of rebrands. My approach includes diagnosing the causes of brand stagnation, developing a revitalization strategy, and meticulously executing the rebrand across all touchpoints. This process revitalizes the brand's image, messaging, and market positioning, leading to enhanced customer engagement and a robust competitive stance.

Creating and Launching New Business Ventures

I have a proven track record of successfully launching new products and business ventures within existing company structures. My approach extends beyond strategy to direct involvement in development and market strategy implementation, ensuring successful launches and sustainable growth.

Recent Career Highlights

Founding team member
and brand strategist:

Instrumental in shaping the brand’s strategy of the corporate start-up and ensuring a consistent brand experience across all channels. His role included strategic oversight and direct engagement in areas like user interface design and strategic project management, demonstrating his capacity to bridge high-level strategy with execution.


Brand Revitalization Leader:

Led the comprehensive company-wide rebranding, unifying the brand's visual identity and communications, while actively involved in the execution process.


Brand Strategist

Founded and led a brand consulting firm, guiding over 25 clients including Taiwan World Trade Center and Acer in brand strategy and execution.

Florian has amazing insight in brand-building and how important it is in distinguishing you from your competition. He helped us with determining our strategy - which solidified the direction our company is headed.

We appreciate his invaluable guidance!

- Rachel Wright, CEO

Florian has unique quality and attitude to ask the right questions to understand a customer, vision, and the type of product or service they are launching.
His in-depth insights to identify a USP and tribe help immensely to build the right brand strategy and product positioning.
Highly recommended brand strategist for start-ups or for established companies progressing through the rebranding phase.

- Mohammed Fawaz Adiraja, Start-up Founder

Florian was engaging. His inquisitive style brought out so much creativity in all of us. Florian helped us create our brand identify and helped us discover who our target market is. He made us work hard to think about how our organization is truly unique and what our brand proposition is.

The entire board is extremely happy with the rebranding process, we now are very clear about our brand identity.

- Chian Wang, President of ABAIE

We worked with Florian's team for several Taiwan Trade Shows when I was the section chief in the exhibition department of TAITRA.

Our mission is to increase the visibility of our exhibitions while attracting more b2b clients. Florian helped us lot in identifying the goal of project, target audience. I strongly recommend Florian for his expertise in the digital marketing and branding projects.

- Suzi Hsiao, Section chief Taipei World Trade Center

Value Proposition

I offer businesses a unique advantage with my ability to not only conceptualize but also practically implement significant brand transformations and launch new ventures. My expertise is particularly beneficial for medium-sized businesses from Europe and Asia that are developing their presence in the US market. My skillset in integrating high-level strategy with hands-on application positions me as an ideal candidate for companies seeking impactful brand transformations and market innovation.


What I believe

  • Details and first impressions matter

  • Start with why: Emotion > Rational

  • Everybody has something to say

  • Focus and clarity build differentiation

  • Learn continuously





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